An Overview of PTZ Camera System

The PTZ camera is among the types of cameras you are likely to encounter when selecting a reliable security surveillance system. PTZ stands for ‘pan, tilt, and zoom’, and a camera system of this type can be beneficial over conventional stationary surveillance video systems. Regular security cameras typically have a default field of view, which you cannot adjust automatically or remotely. With a PTZ camera system, you do not have to manually adjust the focus and field of view of the footage, making it a more flexible and user-friendly surveillance solution. Moreover, the camera can rotate up to 360 degrees. High-quality PTZ cameras are perfect with remote viewing software, so you can easily manage and control them from your computer or mobile device.

When strategically and properly installed, a PTZ camera system can conduct full area surveillance. Most types of PTZ cameras can let you set up various surveillance modes according to viewing angle and the time of the day or night. The pan and tilt functions can be pre-programmed, so you can easily set up the cameras on tricky areas like rooftops and parking lots. The 360-degree function lets the camera cover large areas entirely on its own, so you do not have to install multiple PTZ cameras and you can save money while getting maximum protection from a reliable surveillance system.

High-end PTZ cameras have built-in motion tracking, which you can set to track and detect motion from an object or person. They can automatically pan, tilt, and zoom into the source of motion, even as it continues to move, too. That way, you can easily capture clearer images that you can use as evidence or as a means to identify individuals in case of vandalism or theft to your business or home. The best cameras have night vision, too, which lets them capture images in the dark or under dim lighting.

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Security Camera Distributor – Best Place to Buy Security Equipment

Security equipment is a major investment, whether it is for your home or business. After all, it will be crucial to the safety and overall security of your property and the people around you. For this reason, it makes sense to buy high-quality security equipment only from a trustworthy provider like Security Camera Distributor. SCD has over 14 years of experience in the industry, with more than a thousand products in stock and ready to ship to your location. Their product line includes the latest high-definition video surveillance systems and IP cameras, CCTV systems, vehicle monitoring, alarm systems, and accessories related to those products.

When searching for a reliable source for security equipment, always go for an established and reputable retailer, like Security Camera Distributor. That way, you can count on the best technical support and customer service for the equipment you are investing in. Years of experience in the industry makes SCD an expert in all kinds of security camera and surveillance equipment for homes and businesses. Hence, you can count on them for tips and advice in selecting the best system that suits your needs.

One of the best things about Security Camera Distributor is their low price. In fact, they guarantee the best prices in all products. To help you save further, SCD offers free shipping on retail price orders that exceed $199. You may be qualified for coupon discounts and special promotions, too, so be on the lookout for these unique offers in their website. Most of the security equipment from SCD are covered by a one or two-year warranty. Hence, in case you encounter any problems with any product, you can contact the technical support staff for assistance before returning it. If the tech support team cannot fix the problem, you will be given an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number.

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How to Change the IP Address on Your IP Camera for Use with A PoE NVR

When setting up a new surveillance system that consists of HD PoE IP and PoE NVR cameras, you may encounter an issue with the camera being unable to connect automatically to the NVR. You can troubleshoot this by ensuring that the camera has booted and being identified by the network.  Connect the camera to the network other than that of your internal PoE switch on the NVR. Consider using a 12V DC 1amp power adapter to power the camera before connecting the camera to the router.

You should be able to find the camera on the network on your computer, but make sure that the camera is connected to the network other than the PoE internal switch on your NVR. Consider the following steps to change the IP address on the HD IP security camera system to make it useful with the PoE NVR:

  • Follow manufacturer instructions – The PoE router or switch should come with instructions for setting it up.
  • Connect the cables to the router and camera – Connect the cat6/cat5e network cable to one of the LAN ports on the PoE router or switch before connecting it to the HD IP security camera system. You should connect the 12VDC power supply to the camera if the router or switch cannot support PoE.
  • Look up the IP address of the camera – Use the software to do this, so make sure it is installed on your computer. The program should help you search the IP address. When installation is complete, a new IP camera will be displayed in the list of devices. If required, you can modify the network parameters. The default password is 12345 for saving the changes.
  • Open your browser – Type the IP address of the device and login using ‘admin’ as username and ‘12345’ as the password. Some devices may have ‘admin’ as their password, too. From your browser, you can already view and manage the IP camera and the IP address.

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Secure Your Construction Project with Proper Video Surveillance

Many incidents like vandalism, accidents, and theft can happen in a construction site, so it makes sense to have reliable video surveillance systems installed to ensure security and safety. Proper video surveillance systems for construction sites are built to be durable and rugged. They can withstand the harsh environment and stand up to vibrations or electric interference from other machinery and equipment. Some of these cameras come with a rugged housing that protect from dust or impact. Wireless IP cameras are among the best video surveillance equipment for construction sites. They deliver high-quality resolution that lets you view what is happening in your construction project remotely.

Video surveillance is crucial to every construction project to deter theft and other crime. In case crime does happen on site, you will have enough evidence to catch the perpetrator when you report the incident to the authorities. Video surveillance may help boost the productivity of your security team, too, especially when they have to settle disputes with inspectors and customers. Moreover, when workers know that they are being watched, they will be more likely to work as efficiently as they can.

To make sure that you are buying proper video surveillance, think about the biggest security threat in your construction site and if it has happened previously. You may have to evaluate existing surveillance camera systems in case they may need to be upgraded, too. When considering video surveillance in any construction site, be sure to work with a reputable distributor of security cameras that has over a decade of industry experience. Seasoned distributors offer a wide range of high-quality video surveillance solutions to suit your budget and requirements. All systems come with free software that lets you view your construction site remotely from any computer or from your smartphone or tablet, too. And in case something goes wrong with the equipment, you can be sure that it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Increase School Safety with School Security Systems

Educational institutions are taking time to evaluate the security needs of their schools to deter crime. Schools are not safe from violence, so high-quality and reliable security systems often need to be installed in strategic spots around the premises. All kinds of educational institutions— including public and private schools—can increase their safety and security with the right security systems installed in key places in and around campus.

When planning an efficient school security system, it pays to work with an experienced and trusted provider of high-quality surveillance and alarm systems. This way, you can have access to the latest and most proven technologies and surveillance or alarm equipment. Some of the best providers of school security systems throw in free software to enable remote viewing from computers and mobile devices. Likewise, they offer technical support when required, as well as advice on which school security system is right for you.

School security systems can require a huge chunk of your budget for the school year, but as long as you buy from the right provider, you can be confident in their guarantee for the best prices. Reputable providers of school security systems offer free shipping and a lifetime warranty for all products.

Having a plan is essential when upgrading or installing new school security systems. To get started, be sure to get in touch with a reputable provider of security systems and sit down for a consultation. You may need to survey the entire school and take note of the necessary security and safety improvements, like lighting, emergency power, fences, and the cameras. The best school security systems work round-the-clock, so you can be confident that you can easily catch perpetrators in case they visit your campus at night or when students and staff are on vacation.

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Top 5 Do’s of School Security Systems

Crime can happen anytime, anywhere, including in school. Hence, it is imperative for educational institutions to invest in reliable and high-end school security systems to make sure that everyone on campus is safe. There are many reasons for installing school security systems, and these include violence on campus, to ease the worries of students and their parents, and to deter dishonest behavior in both students and employees. However, there are certain things you must consider when choosing school security systems. Here’s five of them:

  • Do find out the special needs of your school – Determine the potential events that you may need to anticipate and prepare for. These may include medical emergencies, security threats, and accidents. Consider the location of the school, too, and pay attention to how the area is affected by crime and weather conditions. Do not forget to consider factors that are unique to the property, too, such as high-risk students, students with special needs, and accident prone areas.
  • Do consider your budget – Security systems range from simple alarms and CCTV solutions to highly sophisticated systems that allow you to monitor the campus and control the system remotely. Set aside a reasonable budget for a versatile security system that fit your school’s security requirements.
  • Do explore the features and functions of the security system – The type of school security system you will choose can have many different functions. Make sure that every function is useful and essential to your school’s security needs.
  • Do determine who will manage and use the security system – Consider school security systems that are easy to use and will not require a lot of time to learn and implement.
  • Do buy a school security system from a reliable source – Choose a provider that has more than a decade of experience in providing reliable security solutions to a wide range of industries. Some of the best providers offer surveillance systems with a complimentary software for remote viewing and mobile surveillance viewing apps. They are able to guarantee the best price, too.

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Surveillance Camera Placement Is Important to Secure Your Business

Having the right surveillance systems is not enough. You also have to ensure that they are installed incorrectly. If you are serious about securing your business, you need to consider proper surveillance camera placement.  In fact, one of the most crucial parts of surveillance system planning is figuring out where to place the cameras. They have to be positioned in critical heavy-traffic areas. Likewise, you must consider installing surveillance cameras in restricted areas to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to enter and use those places. Here are some strategic locations you can consider:

  • Entry and exit points – Place surveillance cameras at entrances and exits, so you can see who is entering or leaving the premises and you can easily capture or view people’s faces. Make sure that there is enough lighting in those places, images will not be too dark or too bright. Having surveillance cameras obviously installed at the entrance of your establishment may help discourage criminals from entering your premises, too.
  • High-traffic locations – The reception area is likely to have a lot of people. Most employees and visitors go through that area when they enter your building or office. Consider installing a covert surveillance camera that blends in with your décor there, such as in your clocks, door knobs, picture frames, or behind smoke detectors, statues, or sprinkler heads. If you are running a retail store, be sure to have surveillance cameras directed at POS areas and cashiers.
  • In the office – Surveillance cameras in the office can let you keep an eye on the employees and their behavior and working habits. Cameras can help you catch employees who are slacking off or engaging in the unwanted behavior, like bullying and harassment.
  • Restricted areas – Set up surveillance cameras in places like storage and supply rooms, server rooms, and other restricted areas.

Surveillance camera placement is important for effective prevention and investigation. Cameras should be able to record everything that is happening in your premises, so optimum positioning is key.

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