Using Business Security Camera Systems for Real Time Access and Alerts

Some of the worst things that could happen to your business may occur when you are not there to protect it—like theft and burglary. This is why installing a security system with high-tech cameras and sensors is one of the first few things business owners do. A foolproof security and surveillance system not only makes sure that things run smoothly during business hours—they also help ensure that everything stays as is while you are gone. They can even keep you updated with real-time access, remote viewing, and alerts.

The best online shops that offer security solutions provide free software and mobile surveillance viewer applications for remote viewing through your iPhone or Android phones or tablets. They have over a thousand high-quality products that will assist you in keeping your business secure, and they come with lifetime warranty. From CCTV, analog, and IP cameras to alarm system, access control, and window sensors, they have everything you need to have unparalleled surveillance on your business. Of course, the most expensive security cameras are not always the best option and the ideal security solution. When it comes to security cameras, the positioning, specifications, and features of the camera matter more than the price tag.

Bullet cameras are often recommended for outdoor areas such as parking lots because they are often weatherproof and have a longer range compared to dome cameras. Dome cameras are ideal for indoors since they have a wider view and are more covert than a bullet or lipstick camera. PTZ dome cameras can also be manually zoomed, panned and tilted since they have a 360-degree view. Because of their tinted case, it is also difficult to tell where dome cameras are pointed, whereas bullet cameras often move in a continuous panning movement that creates blind spots. Dome cameras are also typically tamper or vandal-proof, which is especially useful when they are positioned in low, accessible areas. Make sure your cameras are built to operate smoothly regardless of the lighting conditions. The best cameras are built with IR filter to accept infrared illuminations especially at night when there is little to no light.


Use of Digital Video Recorder in CCTV Camera Surveillance

The quality and type of recording system you use will matter if you want a reliable CCTV camera surveillance system. The digital video recorder is a high-end and currently the most up-to-date solution that can meet any surveillance requirement. Also known as DVR, it replaced most systems that were based on videotape recording and quickly became known for being more reliable for home and business surveillance. DVRs record the video and save on a hard drive, so you do not have to worry about running out of tape or the need to buy more tapes. Likewise, they ensure a safer and secure surveillance system, while enabling remote surveillance online or via a local network.

There are many benefits to using a digital video recorder in CCTV camera surveillance. For one thing, it lets you retrieve and go through footage faster, unlike with conventional video tapes. You can quickly search events by location, date, time, or by camera. Moreover, it goes perfectly well with high-end CCTV cameras that can capture HD videos. DVRs can keep up with the recording rate of the camera as it feeds the video to be stored. Footage can easily be archived for later retrieval, too.

CCTV camera systems that use digital video recording are easier to install and cost-effective to run. They are widely available too, and as long as you buy a digital video recorder from a reputable security camera provider, rest assured, it will come with a lifetime warranty and free software and mobile apps for remote viewing. This way, you can get a complete package that can make it easier for you to set up a CCTV surveillance system with a reliable HD DVR. CCTVs with DVR are scalable, too. Hence, you can easily add cameras to your existing surveillance system and use the same digital video recorder to store footage. Some security camera providers carry DVRs that have large storage capacities, so they are practical for multiple CCTV cameras. To easily distribute the power supply to multiple CCTV cameras, installers need to allow surveillance system have CCTV camera power supply box.

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