Looking for The Best Hidden Security Cameras for Your Home

When it comes to making your home secure, there is no better option than installing a high-tech security system. The most common security cameras in the market nowadays are dome cameras and bullet cameras because not only are they affordable—they are also efficient in keeping properties safe from theft and burglary.

These cameras get their names from their shape. Dome cameras are placed inside a tinted dome-shaped frame, and the tint makes it difficult for people to tell where the camera is pointing at. Bullet cameras (also known as lipstick cameras) can either be fixed or moving, depending on the product.

When it comes to choosing the best hidden camera, dome cameras are clear winners because of their appearance and tinted casing. Dome cameras are often mounted on the ceiling and the location of the cameras on your house will highly depend on the structure of your rooms and the specific areas that you want to secure. For outdoor areas, however, bullet cameras are most often the best option since they are built to be durable against the weather. They also often have a higher resolution and longer range. That’s not to say that you can’t use dome cameras outdoors, though. Just be sure to look for models that are capable of long range filming. Make sure that they can run day and night and can operate under various lighting conditions.

It’s important to note that regular dome cameras only have fixed views, while PTZ dome cameras can be manually controlled to pan, zoom in or out, or tilt since they have a 360-degree view. Regular dome cameras are cheaper, but the extra motion that a PTZ camera provides can come in handy.

Make sure to purchase authentic, high-quality hidden cameras from an online shop that has over a decade of experience dealing with security cameras and systems. The best ones even offer free software and mobile surveillance apps for remote viewing, which you can use on your phone or tablet.