Use of Digital Video Recorder in CCTV Camera Surveillance

The quality and type of recording system you use will matter if you want a reliable CCTV camera surveillance system. The digital video recorder is a high-end and currently the most up-to-date solution that can meet any surveillance requirement. Also known as DVR, it replaced most systems that were based on videotape recording and quickly became known for being more reliable for home and business surveillance. DVRs record the video and save on a hard drive, so you do not have to worry about running out of tape or the need to buy more tapes. Likewise, they ensure a safer and secure surveillance system, while enabling remote surveillance online or via a local network.

There are many benefits to using a digital video recorder in CCTV camera surveillance. For one thing, it lets you retrieve and go through footage faster, unlike with conventional video tapes. You can quickly search events by location, date, time, or by camera. Moreover, it goes perfectly well with high-end CCTV cameras that can capture HD videos. DVRs can keep up with the recording rate of the camera as it feeds the video to be stored. Footage can easily be archived for later retrieval, too.

CCTV camera systems that use digital video recording are easier to install and cost-effective to run. They are widely available too, and as long as you buy a digital video recorder from a reputable security camera provider, rest assured, it will come with a lifetime warranty and free software and mobile apps for remote viewing. This way, you can get a complete package that can make it easier for you to set up a CCTV surveillance system with a reliable HD DVR. CCTVs with DVR are scalable, too. Hence, you can easily add cameras to your existing surveillance system and use the same digital video recorder to store footage. Some security camera providers carry DVRs that have large storage capacities, so they are practical for multiple CCTV cameras. To easily distribute the power supply to multiple CCTV cameras, installers need to allow surveillance system have CCTV camera power supply box.

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Secure Your Construction Project with Proper Video Surveillance

Many incidents like vandalism, accidents, and theft can happen in a construction site, so it makes sense to have reliable video surveillance systems installed to ensure security and safety. Proper video surveillance systems for construction sites are built to be durable and rugged. They can withstand the harsh environment and stand up to vibrations or electric interference from other machinery and equipment. Some of these cameras come with a rugged housing that protect from dust or impact. Wireless IP cameras are among the best video surveillance equipment for construction sites. They deliver high-quality resolution that lets you view what is happening in your construction project remotely.

Video surveillance is crucial to every construction project to deter theft and other crime. In case crime does happen on site, you will have enough evidence to catch the perpetrator when you report the incident to the authorities. Video surveillance may help boost the productivity of your security team, too, especially when they have to settle disputes with inspectors and customers. Moreover, when workers know that they are being watched, they will be more likely to work as efficiently as they can.

To make sure that you are buying proper video surveillance, think about the biggest security threat in your construction site and if it has happened previously. You may have to evaluate existing surveillance camera systems in case they may need to be upgraded, too. When considering video surveillance in any construction site, be sure to work with a reputable distributor of security cameras that has over a decade of industry experience. Seasoned distributors offer a wide range of high-quality video surveillance solutions to suit your budget and requirements. All systems come with free software that lets you view your construction site remotely from any computer or from your smartphone or tablet, too. And in case something goes wrong with the equipment, you can be sure that it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Top 5 Do’s of School Security Systems

Crime can happen anytime, anywhere, including in school. Hence, it is imperative for educational institutions to invest in reliable and high-end school security systems to make sure that everyone on campus is safe. There are many reasons for installing school security systems, and these include violence on campus, to ease the worries of students and their parents, and to deter dishonest behavior in both students and employees. However, there are certain things you must consider when choosing school security systems. Here’s five of them:

  • Do find out the special needs of your school – Determine the potential events that you may need to anticipate and prepare for. These may include medical emergencies, security threats, and accidents. Consider the location of the school, too, and pay attention to how the area is affected by crime and weather conditions. Do not forget to consider factors that are unique to the property, too, such as high-risk students, students with special needs, and accident prone areas.
  • Do consider your budget – Security systems range from simple alarms and CCTV solutions to highly sophisticated systems that allow you to monitor the campus and control the system remotely. Set aside a reasonable budget for a versatile security system that fit your school’s security requirements.
  • Do explore the features and functions of the security system – The type of school security system you will choose can have many different functions. Make sure that every function is useful and essential to your school’s security needs.
  • Do determine who will manage and use the security system – Consider school security systems that are easy to use and will not require a lot of time to learn and implement.
  • Do buy a school security system from a reliable source – Choose a provider that has more than a decade of experience in providing reliable security solutions to a wide range of industries. Some of the best providers offer surveillance systems with a complimentary software for remote viewing and mobile surveillance viewing apps. They are able to guarantee the best price, too.

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Why Should I Use Wide Dynamic Range Security Cameras

All cameras rely on proper lighting in order to capture high-quality images. It is even more important for security cameras to capture good quality images or videos in any type of light. The significance of what they capture is usually higher than other cameras. Some indoor areas have both dark and illuminated areas and it presents a challenge for standard security cameras to balance the contrast and exposure. It may make the footage partially or completely unusable in some cases.

Scenes or areas with light variations are called WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) images and to capture images or video of such scenes a WDR camera is required that has the ability to balance the contrast lighting and provide good quality images and videos. A WDR camera specializes in tackling the scenes with varying light and harsh lighting conditions. It offers near to perfect exposure quality in both light and dark areas. With it, a far better quality of the footage can be expected which was not the case with standard BLC (Back Light Compression) cameras.

Apart from the enhanced image quality, WDR cameras also provide more natural colors and accurate white balance for reduced noise in the image. It means that the images in not only better and original looking but also the reduced noise will reduce the size of the file making it easier to store and manage.

WDR cameras can be used at offices, banks and retail shops where the backlight is strong and the higher level of detail is required for facial recognition and other purposes. In car parks, ports or airports there is mostly reverse lighting conditions and the detail is needed for both the shadowed areas and the bright areas. In such conditions WDR cameras work just fine as they can easily balance the light and provide better image quality. Casinos and ATMs are the areas where the contrast is high, it becomes important to recognize the faces of people and prevent potential crime and capture criminals. This way, WDR cameras also come in handy as they solve the purpose of balancing the image.

WDR cameras are also widely used at gas stations, prisons, schools, and highways because there the lighting is dynamic and authorities need a device that can perform in the dynamic and tough conditions.

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